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These Shoes Tell You What's Wrong With the Way You Walk (But Not Your Fashion Sense)

Illustration for article titled These Shoes Tell You Whats Wrong With the Way You Walk (But Not Your Fashion Sense)

This footwear might look like the spawn of a three-way with shoes, stilts and a computer, but the super-awkward ForceShoe is actually a smartie, telling you exactly how you walk.


Developed by researchers at University of Twente's MIRA research institute, the ForceShoe contains four sensor modules at the heel and the front of the foot to analyze the precise movements of your feet. Like how much force your foot is exerting on the ground at any given moment. The shoe was initially developed to assess rehabilitation in stroke patients, but researchers are now looking at using it in high-level sports analysis.

Unfortunately, however, it does not come with sensors when you're about to get punched in the face for wearing them. [UTwente via PhysOrg]

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