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Gone are the days when video chats were limited to tiny pixelated windows that had you stuttering through conversations with a friend. High quality webcams and broadband connections mean you can now chat in high-definition, so why not do everything you can to look fabulous on camera?


If you've got a minute and change, check out this video which has some simple but effective suggestions to improving how you look to others the next time you're on Skype. Putting the camera at eye level might seem like an obvious idea, but many people don't realize that an external monitor can make for a great studio light in a pinch. The video pushes a $20 app called iGlasses that lets you tweak and enhance your webcam's image, but the important thing is knowing that this kind of software exists, and presumably as cheaper alternatives to this. Remember, you want to look your best for the world next time you venture onto Chatroulette.



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