These Solar-Powered, Floating Island Homes Are a Millionaire's Private Paradise

Start saving yesterday, because as soon as these Orsos luxury island yacht estates become available in 2013, you're not going to want to wait to sail off on your own private paradise.

Designed to "combine all the positive aspects of mainland real estate and luxury yachts," these $4.6 million floating homes can accommodate up to 12 guests within the spacious interior living space. Sure the design scheme reads a tad dated... But, hey, don't complain! If you're so lucky as to actually ever get near one of these things, you'll be glad just to be let inside.


Though if you have enough money to buy an Orsos Island electricity bills probably don't mean much, they are also entirely sustainable, powered day and night by a super silent wind energy system, and sporting 160 square meters of solar paneling.

The entire energy management process is monitored by an intelligent computer system, including the sea-water powered heating and A/C. This system also filters salt water into potable water, for both drinking and clean waste removal.An eco-friendly set-up probably does wonders for the conscience, when you're living this luxe. [Inhabitat]

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