These Tacky Ornaments Will Make You Miss Those Barking Dogs

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Who would have thought a product could come along that would make you appreciate those barking dogs and meowing cats Christmas CDs? Compared to these farting butt ornaments, those seem like the most thoughtful gift you can give someone.

As you've probably already guessed, squeezing either Santa's or Rudolph's derrière will play a flatulent version of popular Christmas carols. Awful. It's like a smaller version of those bent over gardeners you stick in your flower bed. Except that these hang on your Christmas tree, ensuring they're seen by all your guests.

Hearing them in action doesn't make me hate them any less either. But I guess I'm just not a connoisseur of fart humor. So I'll be spending my $11 elsewhere. You stay classy Christmas. [Stupid via GeekAlerts]