These Talented Brackets are Half Light, Half Support

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How many times have you looked for something in a dark corner of your apartment and hit your head on the edge of a shelf? Probably more than you can count. Alex Allen Studio's Lightbrackets solve the problem (plus a few others) by doing double duty as a lamp and a weight-supporting mount for shelves.


The brackets are powder-coated steel with an LED strip and a colorful cord. Each bracket is $195, and shelves are not included, but you're basically paying for two different things. And hopefully, they'll help you avoid an otherwise inevitable headache. [Alex Allen via DesignBoom]

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Hypocrisy doesn’t make me wrong

So... each light has its own power cable? Meaning that set-up in the photo would require not only $1000 to purchase but also 5 outlets? That's dumb.

Seems like they missed the boat on this by not allowing you to daisy chain them together... Which would not only reduce the outlet requirement, but it would also allow the cables to be hidden under the shelves.