These Tiny, Faster Memory Chips Will Be in Your Next Phone

These are Samsung's latest memory chips. They might not look much, but they're 20 percent smaller and 30 percent faster than the current standard—and they're already destined to appear in your next phone.

Their secret lies in a shrinking manufacturing technique, which allows adjacent features on the chip to be packed closer together; for the nerds out there, Samsung has shifted from a 20 nanometer process to 10 nanometer process. That means a bump in efficiency—giving speeds a 30 percent kick in the butt—while also allowing the devices to shrink.


That means they take up 20 percent less space, which is all important in the crazy-thin devices we're used to. They went in to full-scale production last month, too, and not just for Sammy—so they'll turn up in a smartphone or tablet near you soon, whatever the brand. [Engagdget]

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