These Two Data Designers Are the Coolest, Geekiest Pen Pals Ever

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You can’t fit much information about yourself on a postcard... if you insist on writing it out in words like a weakling. Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Prosavec, two friends on separate continents who both work in data-driven design, have a more efficient method. For their project Dear Data, Lupi and Prosavec have spent the past year corresponding in charts and diagrams.

Each week, they chart a different aspect of their lives, from clothes and food to intangibles like “envy” and “phone addiction.” They even map their interactions with each other. A big part of the fun is seeing how differently the designers visualize each topic. Is your friends network a tree diagram or a series of Boolean “data-flowers”?


Dear Data is nearing its final weeks, with new postcards appearing on Wednesdays.