Home: 2001, an 1967 episode of The 21st Century with Walter Cronkite

The Living Room – with a 3D television and a media center:

The Home Office – watch and print the latest news from all over the world, check the latest weather and stock prices, check the closed-circuit security camera system:

Videoconferencing (Skype), standalone LCD/TFT displays, book flight tickets on Internet with seat selection, online shopping, voice command device – First Born, AT&T, 1991

E-book readers, GPS navigation systems and tablets with Wi-Fi – View of the Future, AT&T, 1993

Touchscreen, video call, virtual reality, – Connections: AT&T's Vision of the Future, AT&T, 1993

Smartphone-controlled home and smart watch, voice command device – You Will, AT&T, 1994 and 1995

Some fifth graders are predicting the rise of the Internet. And cats – Hey, Why Should I Be On The Internet?, 1995

Tablets with color touchscreens, a intelligent personal assistant (now Siri), huge searchable online databases, screen sharing, video calls – The Knowledge Navigator, Apple, 1995

Tablets for work, video calls and Internet for everyone – Moment of Discovery, Apple, 1995