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They're scheming, royal, and altogether spoiled: The Lannisters as the Addams Family

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Lannisters would make for an unorthodox sitcom family: Jaime and Cersei always sneaking off for a little private time, little Joffrey and his not-so-little appetite for sadism, Papa Tywin constantly wrecking his kids' lives, and Tyrion cracking dark jokes all the way through. So one artist has come up with a very different unorthodox sitcom family to model the Lannister family portrait on: the Addams Family. But be warned, it's full of spoilers.


Polish artist Magdalena, who goes by the username ~bubug on deviantART, came up with this inspired mixing of George R.R. Martin and Charles Addams. I can only imagine that it started with the idea of Jaime's hand as thing and then worked its way from there. Magdalena, who works largely in gel pens, has drawn a few other pieces of Game of Thrones-inspired artwork, including what might be my favorite portrait of Sansa Stark.

The Lannister Family [~bubug via reddit]