Things Are Going to Be a Little Different Around Here...

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As you may have noticed, something terrible has happened here at Gizmodo—the robot ninja is gone. It happened this weekend. He was doing bumps and drinking Stoli at this house party in Queens, sitting out on this balcony, when he started yelling to everybody about how he "MADE Gizmodo. Like MADE it!" and he was reaching out to molest an NYU freshman when he leaned too far to the left and fell off the balcony. The cyborg doctors were unable to reattach his mercury matrix mind and he was turned into a cool Gizmodo casemod for my P4.

That said, welcome to the new, eye-pleasing design. Based on a new generation of Movable Type technology—Codename: Fix This Damn Thing—we are now using tags to mark stories, thereby creating all kinds of ways to get lost on the front page. Designers take note: we now have 540 pixels to play with for images. Are you a struggling actor? Send us your headshots. They'll look great in this new format.