Through its Technic sets, and even Mindstorms, Lego builders have long had the tools they need to add remote control functionality to their creations. But with its new GoBrix components, ThinkGeek wants to make it even cheaper and easier to bring a Lego model to life.


The GoBrix starter set includes two building toy-compatible (Lego, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, etc.) electric motors, powered by tiny cell-sized batteries, and a pair of simple AA-powered wireless controllers.

The wireless controllers can be assembled into a larger remote as your creations get more complex, and each one can be set to one of four different frequencies allowing them to control individual motors, or an entire group of them at once.

The electric motors aren’t as precise as a servo you’d find in a hobby shop, but that’s also why the starter set is only $30, while an additional motor and controller combo is $20 for each pair. Just keep in mind that because there are only four selectable frequencies on the controllers, your creations are limited to four moving parts. If you were hoping to recreate the new ATLAS using your Lego collection, you’ll need to consider a Mindstorms upgrade.



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