This 100-Year-Old Celebrated Her Birthday By Stunt Flying Upside Down

As if living to be a centenarian isn't badass enough, a 100-year-old woman from Suffolk, England celebrated her birthday by doing a loop-de-loop in a stunt glider.


Nora Brier, old person and stone-cold fox, marked the day she began living a century ago with the Anglia Gliding Club. When asked if she was nervous about hanging upside down in a small plane, she said "No." And Brier wasn't just dozing off in the back; her flight instructor let her fly the glider half the time.

Brier wants to ride in a race car next because she is awesome. [BBC]


What a great video!

Gliding is hugely accessible nowadays, and very inexpensive to get into; Usually the only costs are an annual club fee and a few dollars per tow (or winch). I'd suggest it to anyone who wants to get into flying, but is unsure because of the costs involved.

It's also great for already licensed pilots because it demands proper rudder coordination and solid basic hand flying abilities to do well, something that far too many seem to forget after the ink is dry on the certificate.

And obviously, it's a lot fun! Cross countries are possible, and on a day with good lift, you can stay up for hours at a time. It's easily one of the purest forms of flight; Pilot relying on nature to stay airborne.