This Adorable Pocket Synth Will Make You an 8-Bit Legend

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If I had one of these Pocket Piano synthesizers, I would just roam the streets playing it, without a care—much like the dudes in this video. It's quite beautiful (those wooden buttons!), sounds great, and is hand-made.


You play the Pocket Piano with its cute (and yet, so strong and awesomely retro—like Princess Leia) buttons. Button inputs can be altered with various knobs, corresponding to octaves, waveform, rate, and decay. The synth also has a variety of modes, like FM Arpeggiator and Vibrato Synth, allowing for a wild diversity of bleeps and bloops. But the thing isn't just for making NES noise—as the demo above shows, you can push some really neat music out of the thing. Each Pocket Piano is made by hand—housed in gorgeous aluminum and hardwood— by Critter and Guitari, and available for $150. [Critter and Guitari via Gadget Lab]