Sure, the larch-wood cladding gives Ufogel a kind of rustic charm, but I'll be damned if this Austrian guest house doesn't really look like it just beamed down from a quaint corner of outer space.

Architect Peter Jungmann designed the cozy 484-square-feet pod with a massive, angular window on one side—perfect to take in the view of the surrounding mountains of East Tyrol in the medieval town of Lienz, or, you know, keep watch for the rest of the alien race to pop down from above and join you on the bucolic hillside. The woodsy interior has radiant heating, a wood burning fireplace, and—surprisingly, given its size—room to spread out and relax.

After taking a visual tour of the otherworldly Avoriaz in France, I'm wondering whether the entirety of Europe isn't being slowly taken over by ski-loving, nature-enthusiast extraterrestrials. Either way, Ufogel's available for rent, too, if you're interested in exploring for yourself. [Faith is Torment]