Sometimes the simplest things are the most useful, but rarely something makes me shake my head at how clever and cool it is like the Pocket Tripod 360º has. I keep thinking "why didn't someone do this before" and "what a great idea that I wish I'd thought of." I'm still blown away that the angle is adjustable like that.

I like things this small and compact, as I travel constantly. I also have many occasions for an iPhone support of this type to watch videos on, particularly on planes. Just yesterday, in a restaurant, I saw a 4-year old watching a movie on a propped up iPhone, but such propping up was not solid looking. But this thing would work perfectly—this could even protect your iPhone from spills on a table.


This 'tripod' will be useful to me and I will definitely add it to my backpack. I think your readers would feel the same coolness in it as I do. I'm going to cry if it doesn't get fully funded. I needed it years ago. [Kickstarter]