These lenticular lens floor tiles are designed to organize pedestrian traffic flow, forcing people to walk on one side of the thoroughfare. It'll work, if only because people will need to step to the side to puke.


Using semi-ciruclar lenses with an image underneath, these tiles implement the same technology that's in your everyday holographic trading card. As you walk along the path, the image appears to move to the right; and researchers at Tokyo's University of Electro-Communications think this will alleviate heavy, disorderly sidewalk traffic because it will direct pedestrians to one side without diverting their attention to overhead signs.

The makers of this hurl-inducing floor would like to see it installed in areas with high people traffic (mass transit stations, amusement parks, etc.). They're quick to point out that the floor requires no electricity—it's all in your mind. And after about five minutes of walking on it, sprayed all over the sidewalk. [DigInfo TV via OhGizmo!]

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