This Clip is Proof That Birds Are Secretly Composers

A normal person sees these birds perched on electrical wires and worries about getting crapped on. Jarbas Agnel looks at them and sees musical notes. Maybe he's smarter than the rest of us because the melody is utterly oh-so-sweet-that-I-could-doze-off-right-now.


Agnel explains that he was simply curious about what sort of tune he could create by transcribing the birds into musical notes. I'm more curious about what would happen if he tried the same with the freckles on someone's back. [Vimeo via Wired]


Sneaky Walrus

Wonderfully cute idea, though, it's no phenomenon, there's no space for the birds to be a low F, A, C, or high E, and sharps and flats aren't existent either. So basically, only 1st 3rds 5ths and 7ths of a major scale, which inherently is going to be pretty.