This Closet Apartment Costs $68,000

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While some people live in spectacular houses that grow from water, dream beaches, luxurious jungle bases, and even awesome subterranean lairs, others have to buy a $68,000 closet home, described as the world's smallest apartment.

The apartment is in a great place, however, in the Piazza di Sant' Ignazio. Ironically, right behind Palazzo Grazioli, a mansion rented by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.


This "home", which can barely fit a bed, was built inside the old closet of an old porter's apartment. It has a ground floor bathroom—which includes shower and sink—and a platform with a bed. The owner says he has already received offers.

I'd rather live in the allegedly thinnest house in the world. Or any of these razor-thing ones. [Telegraph]