This Collection of Tom Hiddleston Impersonating Chris Evans Will Soothe Your Weary Soul

Loki having fun with disguises in Thor: The Dark World.
Gif: Marvel Studios

I mean, there is a reason he’s so good at playing the God of Mischief.

Tom Hiddleston has long been known for being a dab hand at accents, but it’s a talent that extends to impersonating his fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe stars... mainly, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, as this wonderful video making its way around Twitter proves:


It’s a pretty good Chris Evans! Honestly, the MCU should’ve leaned on this and had Loki taking the piss out of all the Avengers and mimicking them during the first Avengers. You know, given them some actual reasons to assemble and fight him off instead of, say, killing poor Agent Coulson. Funny voices are better than casual murder of your faves, after all.

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But Coulson dying was such a pivotal moment, raising the stakes and reminding the audience of the mortality of the characters!

And then Whedon did it again in Age of Ultron.

And Whedon did it previously with Wash. And the Shepard.

And Tara or Anya from Buffy.

Look all I’m saying is...Whedon gets a bit too kill happy. Gawd now I need to rewatch the vid.....