Prepare to have one those "hey, wait a minute!" moments because it turns out the compact charger that Apple includes with iPhones could actually be doing so much more for you. The similarly-sized ChargeTech not only has folding prongs so it's even easier to transport, it also comes with two side-by-side USB ports that can charge a smartphone and a tablet at the same time.

So what's the catch? There might not actually be one, since this tiny adapter can replace both your iPhone and larger iPad chargers by drawing a total of 12.5 watts from an outlet to sufficiently power both. It even finds room to squeeze in a tiny LED light to let you know your gear is being charged while their displays are off. The only real issue with the ChargeTech is that you can't actually buy one just yet, because its creators are currently raising funds on Indiegogo to put it into production.

They were hoping to raise just $10,000 to help make the ChargeTech a reality, but to date its Indiegogo campaign has managed to secure over $88,000 in pre-orders. And that's even more impressive when you consider that the ChargeTech sells for just $20. So while it doesn't come free with your devices, it seems like a must-have accessory, especially if the powerbar under your desk overfloweth with adapters. [Indiegogo - ChargeTech]