This Condom-Stashing iPhone Case Will Not Get You Laid

From the outside, the Playa Case could be a case for the non-sex-having masses. But when things start to get hot and heavy, the back panel slides away to reveal a hidden condom compartment. Finally, an iPhone case that recognizes the real problems winners like us and Australian James Dean here experience every day: too much unexpected sex.

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Usually, we're iPhone nudists but we'd never considered all those times you have your phone with you (but no condom!) and you need to get nude in real life. Late night Cinemax has proven nothing if not that sex could happen at literally any moment. It's a goddamn scientific fact of life.

If you're a desperate bro hoping to advertise your sexual prowess with a novelty iPhone accessory, the Playa Case will be available this summer for $30. Except ugh please no don't bad ugh. [Opena]



Keeping a condom in your phone case is not being prepared to have sex at any time.

Keeping a condom on your dick though...that's a different modus operandi all together.