This Contraption Pops Just a Single Piece of Popcorn

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Popcorn is already considered a healthy low-cal snack for dieters, but when you seriously need to shed the pounds, you'll want to replace your hot air popper with the Oncle Sam. It makes just a single piece of popcorn at a time, providing a four calorie snack that won't leave you feeling guilty at your next weigh-in.

The use of oil, heated by a tea lamp, results in popcorn that's not quite as healthy as if it had been popped by hot air, but it guarantees your snack is full of flavor. And since heating the oil takes so much longer, it will help build anticipation and excitement as you wait for that single kernel of corn to explode. Okay, it's just some design silliness. But it's the best kind; over-the-top, redundant, and it would make Rube Goldberg extremely impressed.


[The Method Case via designboom]