This Cuddly Python Redirects AC to the Back of Your Car

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If you're looking for an act of futility, try keeping a couple of young kids comfortable in the back of a car during a long road trip. There's an infinite number of sources of discomfort they'll eventually find, but with this long plush tube that redirects an air conditioning vent directly to the back seat, being hot won't be one of them.

Designed for older model cars that don't feature dedicated AC vents for the rear passengers, the Noggle connects to one of the extra vents on a vehicle's dashboard using an included installation kit that comes with zip ties and other adapters. The Noggle's hose then redirects the icy blast back to whoever's wrangling the colorful soft python, which means that 'fighting over the Noggle' will probably replace 'being too hot' as what's currently making your kids cranky.


The shortest version of the Noggle is six feet long and will set you back $50, while the longest 10-foot model, designed for RVs and larger vehicles, is just $10 more. You get to choose from a small selection of fabrics, too, which makes the Noggle more fun for kids—or at least slightly less of an eyesore than if you were to simply by a length of corrugated ventilation from Home Depot and build your own. [NoggleNation via InventorSpot]