This cyborg arm is the first step to a badass Lego mech suit

At some point in your nerdy childhood, you surely imagined what it would be like to build an entire exoskeleton out of Lego. How much fun would that be to have a Lego creation you could actually climb inside and drive around?! Well, award-winning Lego enthusiast Diavo Voltaggio is well on his way to that bright future.


As far as we know, Voltaggio isn't building a badass Lego mech suit, but we can't stop think thinking about how rad it would be if he did. The Lego enthusiast won well deserved accolades for his Mark VI Mindstorms robotic arm and hand at BrickFair Virginia last week.

The cyborg attachment includes four independently motorized fingers powered by touch sensors as well as a blue light bar and five blue LEDs for looks. The lights also came in handy when the convention switched into "World of Lights" mode, shutting down all of the convention center lights so that the brick creations could light up. The arm also includes a smartphone mount for fun and convenience.

Now, Lego isn't necessarily the most durable material for a battle-ready mech suit. But if you did want to build one, this cyborg arm is a great starting point. If you've got a whole bunch of bricks lying around, you might as well start building an exoskeleton for the big BrickFair in November. After all, a full Lego mech suit might be the only thing that can save your from the imminent doom of a Lego Firewalk. [Pocket Lint]

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