This Desk Keeps Your Cords In Order and Has a Built-In Whiteboard

Man it feels good to sit down at a desk where everything is in order—or so I've heard. Mine is always a disaster, what with the cords and cables and scattered reminder notes I've scrawled on bits of paper that will undoubtedly get lost in the shuffle. But this lovely specimen from Artifox looks like it would seriously help whip things into shape.


The desk has a ton of little features that add up to a really appealing whole. You've got your tablet and phone docks; a hidden cubby for power strips; little pegged legs in front to hang your bag; and a freaking built-in whiteboard. C'mon—writing on whiteboards is never not fun. I could spend an entire afternoon doodling and erasing on a whiteboard and feel good about it.

This is certainly not the only desk that accommodates for gadgets and plug-innables—it's got the same vibe as this version designed almost exclusively for Apple fanboys—but it sure is purdy. And, yes, expensive. But for $1,099, you'd have an ultra-sharp office with a piece handmade by Amish craftsmen that's too lovely to descend into chaos. [The Awesomer]


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