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This Digital CPR Coach Could Help Save Lives Someday

Illustration for article titled This Digital CPR Coach Could Help Save Lives Someday

CPR, or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, is a simple procedure that could mean the difference between life or death for someone—but only if it's performed properly. The procedure can be fruitless if the chest compressions are too shallow, or even dangerous if too heavy. So to ensure that it's always being done properly, Physio-Control has developed a monitor called the TrueCPR that provides precise feedback on how effective the CPR is being performed.


More specifically, it uses a pair of pads—one that sits under the patient and a second that sits on their chest—that constantly monitors the distance between the two using a magnetic field. This data allows the TrueCPR to provide constant and visual feedback on whether the compressions need to be deeper or shallower, and how often they need to be performed.

The technology behind it is particularly useful since it's just as effective on a soft surface like a bed, where it can feel like compressions are being performed deeper than they really are, or even in a moving vehicle like an ambulance. But the best part is that this isn't just some far-off design concept. The TrueCPR has already been cleared by the FDA and European agencies and is available for sale right now. So here's to hoping it starts showing up next to those emergency defibrillators you see all over the place.


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CPR actually isn't that great at saving lives in most cases. If I remember correctly there was a survey done recently asking if doctors would want CPR done on them in an attempt to save their life and the vast majority said "no." As it is CPR is nothing like what you see on TV.

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