The second anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami is quickly approaching, and the country—public and private sectors alike—is doing everything it can to be prepared for the next disaster. Simply being prepared for the worst is vitally important, and, while stuffed animals are often handed out as a way to comfort children, this particular bear—chock full of emergency supplies—is far more useful.

Called the Rirakkuma, which, translated, is a punny combination of the words for "bear" and "relax," this plush toy is also supposed to make it easier for kids to remember to grab their emergency supplies in the event of a disaster. It is of course available in Hello Kitty versions too, and inside you'll find everything from emergency rations, to bottled water, to radios, to thermal blankets. And, last but not least, it also provides a little extra comfort which can be vital when you find yourself in a survival situation. [Akihabara News]


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