This Espresso Maker Is the Most Beautiful Thing You'll Ever Wake Up To

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You've been spoiled by the five-buck cup of exotic single-origin pour-over coffee. It's time to upgrade your home equipment. At this rate, your caffeine addiction is cutting into your cocktail budget.

Forget the primitive French press, or a fantastic newfangled countertop machine. Have the best of both worlds—and unshackle yourself from the baristacracy—with this chrome $225 Zappia "Paradiso" two-cup espresso maker.


You'll have to tamp the grind and lock it in place, but the machine handles the extraction. It plugs into the wall with an especially gorgeous cloth-insulated cord, and delivers piping hot shots to two waiting demitasses in two or three minutes. It's as suitable for pre-ground as it is for Kopi Luwak (that's Indonesian civet-cat coffee, for the uninitiated). Either way, it adds a countertop touch of la bella figura while delivering your daily dose.

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Ok, first off, I hate the beurooftrade website. I dont want to give them my email, and I dont have facebook. Does that mean I cant read the site?

To the point, however: 2 questions: 1) At what pressure is the coffee espressed, and 2) do you get good crema?

If its a high pressure extractor (with pressure comparable to a shmancy pump espresso), then $225 is an excellent deal. If it extracts at 1-3 atmos, then I'm going to stick with either my stovetop mocha (1-3 atmos) or my presso (5-7 atmos).

People who have heard of kapi luwak, or like SO pours are likely to want to know these details, just sayin.