This Fish Is Driving Its Own Motorized Aquarium

It's always a good idea to give your pets lots of exercise and freedom. But how does that work with a fish who are reliant on a tank full of water to live? That's easy; you just strap its aquarium to an RC car and rig up a device that lets the fish steer.


Sound crazy? Of course it does, but that's what makes this hack so great. And you might be wondering how the folks at Studio Diip taught this goldfish to manipulate a tiny steering wheel. But that's not how they did it. Instead, a webcam perched above the tank tracks the fish's position, and whichever side it swims to is the direction the RC car goes.

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It's not clear as to whether the fish actually catch on to what they're doing. There's no footage of the RC car crashing into walls or rolling off the edge of a staircase. But with enough patience you can probably train a goldfish to come for dinner, via some Pavlovian-style conditioning. Or, just be entertained at this thing randomly cruising around your home. [Studio Diip via Engadget]