This freakish skinless body is actually a synthetic human cadaver

Though it may look like it, this is not a still frame from a torture porn movie directed by the sadist Eli Roth. Instead, it's the new synthetic cadaver that medical students are now using to get their learn on. Instead of poking humans or operating on animals, medical students can play doctor with these frighteningly freakish zombie beasts.

The University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix just enlisted these synthetic cadavers from SynDaver Labs to sprawl around medical tables for students to go through the paces with. They're almost real, Dr. Stuart Flynn, the dean of the University, told Tucson Weekly:

"It (the synthetic cadaver) has a heart that beats and blood flows. It has a liver that can make bile, so you can imagine, procedural-wise, this is profound.


Prototypes of the synthetic cadaver have been floating around for a while now but with more universities adopting these unsightly human creatures as test subjects, we all know how this will end up: one of them waking up in the middle of a procedure and taking over the world.


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