All good Pixel Art is about capturing great detail in the limited constraints of the format, and that's something Artist Czarek Łuczyński - a.k.a Charlie_pl - has done to perfection in this amazing set of Animated portraits of some of Westeros' finest. Look at all that swaying!

Łuczyński has captured Daenerys, Jon (this one especially captures that 'I'm grumpy or I really need the loo' face Kit Harington is so fond of pulling), Drogo, Tyrion, The Mountain and Oberyn really well - each pixel-drawing has a great deal of personality, but it's the little animations that bring them to life. From the Mountain's tabard to the blood dripping from Drogo's Arakh, they're subtle additions but they add something lovely to each design.

You can check out more of Łuczyński's work on his Pixel Joint account.

[via Nerdist]

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