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This Glass Toaster Costs $1,000—But It Can Cook Steak

Illustration for article titled This Glass Toaster Costs $1,000—But It Can Cook Steak

It's fair to say, not all toasters are created equal. But the Bugatti Noun is a god amongst toasters, a futurist but elegant combination of glass and chrome that would stand out in any kitchen. And it does more than just toast.


Currently on display at the EuroCocina trade fair in Milan, this high-end kitchen appliance reinvents the toaster. Instead of using traditional heating elements, the Noun uses semiconductors embedded in glass to create perfectly browned toast. The design also enables it to cook pretty much anything else, as well, if you put it in a heat-resistant bag.

Illustration for article titled This Glass Toaster Costs $1,000—But It Can Cook Steak

The electronic controls, which can be operated using a smartphone app, also enable you to control the precise temperature of the cooking environment. Clemente Bugatti—no relation to the luxury car company—showed off at the trade show by cooking shrimp and steak in the toaster.

This is hardly the first glass toaster design to pop up on the kitchenware circuit, but it looks like it will be the first one actually to make it to market. Bugatti is currently securing regulatory approval and says the toaster will go on sale in the United States next year. It will cost about $1,000. [PSFK]

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People with glass toasters should not throw toast.