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This Google Maps Birdhouse Shows Birds Where to Stay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Birdhouses are usually designed to blend into their local environments—but not this one. Taking inspiration from Google Maps, artist Shuchun Hsiao decided to give birds a taste of the search giant's navigational aids, too.

Based on Google's now-infamous map pins, Hsiao's lofty ambition is to transfer the iconic symbolism of the place marker to the animal kingdom. Hsiao explains:

"Google Map had created a remarkable landmark icon, showing the sites on its street views. To search for a landmark with online google map, we can scroll to zoom from the satellite, soon we'll be able to wander on streets, virtually. Birds, have the most real experience of google map. Birds can fly through the city, through streets. A birdhouse becomes their destination as google map does."


Whether that's a plausible goal is up for discussion. But if this thing were ever to go into production, it certainly offers a fresh and quirky take on the bumble birdhouse—a neat urban decoration that can provide a home to feathered friends at the same time. [Shuchun Hsiao via Freshome]