This Gorgeous Teapot Lets You Watch Your Tea Leaves Brew

Loose-leaf tea is a good investment, but not if you're going to cram it into a ball and hope it gets fully immersed in hot water. Far better are teapots that let your tea roam free, allowing the leaves to be properly steeped and achieve their full flavor potential. This new teapot by Joey Roth does that beautifully.

The new Sorapot is a stainless steel and glass affair that allows your tea-in-the-making to take up the entire pot's volume, ensuring that the swirling hot water will touch every leaf's surface. Roth—who you might know best for his ceramic speakers—has spent four years (four years!) perfecting the form and materials to yield the best possible cup o'tea.


The beauty of the Sorapot—besides the actual physical beauty of the teapot—is the use of glass, which turns your tea-making into a kind of aquarium show on your countertop. It's available for preorder today for $285—pricey for a teapot, but worth it for a nifty little sculpture that can take up residence in your kitchen. [Joey Roth]


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