This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with... Vine

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I don't even... This is just... I can't believe... okay. Breathe. Some guy used Vine and Twitter to propose to his girlfriend. As in he recorded a six second Vine video (selfie?) asking her to marry him, with a ring and everything. She didn't say no.


She said yes! Curt Buthman's exact tweet was this:

Yes, there's two hashtags, an emoticon and a ridiculous Vine in one proposal tweet. One of those hashtags (#custserv) was actually being monitored by Buthamn's girlfriend Marsha Collier as she was holding a Twitter chat with it. When she ran into his tweet (and accompanying Vine), she was predictably stunned:

Proposing with memes, adorable. Proposing with drones, cool. Proposing with Vine? I'm just... love is love. We all have our own levels of what we're willing to share over social networks and we all have our own levels of obsession with social networks but something tells me that a Vine proposal wouldn't register as normal for umm... most of us. Sharing is usually done after the big question, I think. Different strokes and all that, I guess. But good luck to the happy couple! Maybe no Vines of the wedding night/birth of your children/and all the other stuff that's better between you two though. [Huffington Post]




I think she's a publicity hound. There's a good chance they conspired on this just to get people talking. It worked.