This Halo Figure Comes With Armour 'Expansion Packs'

Not content with merely being one Master Chief, this new statue from Kotobukiya has decided to become three different iterations of the video game supersoldier instead, thanks to the addition of some nifty addon packs that let you kit out your Spartain whichever way you want.

It's not the first time a Halo product has done this — in the latter period of its Halo: Reach line, McFarlane released 'armour pack' sets that included a figure with a plethora of addons — but this latest figure from Kotobukiya's new 'ARTFX+' line is bringing the idea to their range of statues.


Alas, this doesn't apply to the Halo 4 Master Chief that's already, but the new 1/10 scale 'plus' version that is out in October. The new figure has articulation in the arms and torso for posing, but also comes with removable armour slots, letting you take the armour off and replace it with two other sets that will be released separately around the same time the figure comes out:

Based on a blue multiplayer variant of the Mark VI armour from Halo 4 or the classic Mark V version of the suit from the very first game, Combat Evolved, the two kits also come with some additional accessories for the Chief (and the extra hands so either variant can hold them) — a Covenant energy sword or the trusty UNSC pistol. Neat stuff!


The ARTFX+ edition of Master Chief comes out in October for $80. Currently there are no prices announced for the addon packs though, due out at the same time as the base figure — although you'd hope that they're a considerable bit cheaper.


[via Toy News International]

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