This hilarious parody of Gravity set in IKEA is spot on

Space is beautiful. Space is terrifying. IKEA is mostly just terrifying, especially when you get lost. Director Daniel Hubbard hilariously spoofed Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity by setting it inside the expansive world of IKEA. At over 346,000 square feet and absolutely no sense of direction, it sure feels endless. The parody trailer nails the IKEA shopping experience, the frantic cries of Sandra Bullock, and the overall tension of Gravity. IKEA is Earth's equivalent of getting lost in space.


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For all you dumb comments. Different people have different sense of humor. If you didn't like it, mention how it could have been improved. My sense of humor dictates that the effort was there, the execution was there, but yes it was so idiotic that it was funny. Otherwise, forgettable. But hey, great editing, no jittery hands, decent quality. I give it a 7-8. Make valid arguments people.