This Hobbit Hole Has a Serious View

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Despite being almost completely embedded in the side of a hill, this modern home in Switzerland has a seriously stunning view. You can almost picture Julie Andrews (distracted with spinning and singing) crashing through the window into your living room.


Designed by SeARCH, a Dutch architecture firm, and Christian Müller Architects, the home features an enormous patio with an elliptical opening designed to accentuate the view. The old-looking barn in the distance even features an underground tunnel that serves as an entrance into the home. All in all, the design was so unique that the builders were able to skirt around the notoriously strict building requirements in the area. Absolutely beautiful—which is why you should hit the following link for more images. [Iwan Bann via Arbitare via Fast Company]


Shamoononon drives like a farmer

I kind of like it, let's see and jet crash into my roof.