This Inflatable Tent Makes the Car Part of the Canopy

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This tent takes car camping to the next level. Its inflatable structure can stand by itself, but it can also be attached to the back of an Audi Q3—to offer more robust shelter and storage if you need it.


The tent is developed by Heimplanet—the folks who make the cool inflatable tents—in conjunction with Audi. It takes seven minutes to get the tent out of the bag and pitched, and once it's standing it can withstand winds of up to 40mph quite happily. But the best bit, surely, is the way it attaches to the back of the Audi Q3.


Sure, it's not the first tent to make use of a car, but it's perhaps the easiest to use and certainly the best looking, and it's designed to work with a car that's pretty practical too. Right now, the design is just a concept—but we reckon it would be foolish for Heimplanet and Audi not to put it into production. [Autoblog, Notcot]

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I'm trying out one of these from REI this summer on my Forrester. Seems good for camping with non-camping people.