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This Insane Photo Destroyed a Camera Lens

Illustration for article titled This Insane Photo Destroyed a Camera Lens

Photographer Ben Cooper took this photo of a Delta 4-Heavy rocket launching at Cape Canaveral using a sound-activated camera. And when your camera is that close to a launch, your lens probably won't survive.

The particular setup for this was sound activated. The lens was destroyed (worth it of course) but the camera survived this one despite being severed from its ratchet straps and thrown to the ground, and the sound device used for this one disconnected from the camera and thrown about 200 feet backwards into the pad perimeter fence (still worked!). All settings are preset manually. No one is allowed closer than several miles from a launch.


Well, that's awesome. [, Thanks, Jason!]

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It is easy to be duped into following this type of 'logic.'

"The lens was destroyed (worth it of course)"

The lens of the human eye, in addition to being complex and facinating, is not something that a dollar amount can be assigned to.

The human ear, reduced to being described as 'the sound device,' being ripped off would be more painful than some people could endure. Placing the shredded flesh back loosely on the head DOES NOT medically constitute an assessment of '(still work(s)!!!)

If "no one is allowed closer than several miles from a launch," how did this guy get in?!?

I would demand confinement for said 'neer do well,' if not for his substantial injuries.