This iOS-Inspired OS X Concept Looks Good Enough to Touch

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For at least a couple years now, OS X has started to look more and more like iOS. Lion brought Launchpad and columns of app icons. Mavericks gave us Maps and a cleaned up interface. For his imagining of the next iteration of Apple's operating system, one designer just said, "Screw it. Let's make them the same!"

And that's how Andrew Ambrosino's OS X concept was born. This designer's vision is full of flatness, frosted glass and bold colors—just like everybody's favorite new mobile operating system, iOS 7. You just want to reach out and touch it. The type is ultra light. The menu bar is gone. There's a handsome unlock screen. You get the point.


But can you get the software? Not until Apple builds it, silly. [Andrew Ambrosino]