This is a Disaster: If the Transformers 3 trailer took on all naysayers

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There will come a day in the future where humanity wises up and realizes the brilliance of Sir Michael Bay. I only hope I'm alive to witness it. Remember: nothing succeeds likes excess.

Hope you all enjoy this. And as a blatant plug...a very good friend of mine is the 3D supervisor on this and has been working his ass off to make this spectacular so (despite my normal snarky complaints about 3D) please try to go experience this in the IMAX 3D.

As a side note...I began work on a Thor trailer a while ago and abandoned it when I felt I didn't have enough footage or time to do it. I showed what I had to a friend and he loved it. Question is...have I missed the boat on that or would you all still love to see it? If it helps, and not to spoil it, it was going to be called Manothor.

And thx to CrashedPC for introducing me to Equilibrium.

This is Garrison Dean saying... support your local theater, be they independent or multiplex.