This Is How You Record a TV With a Camcorder So You're Just an MPAA Toolbag, Not a Pirate

No clever invective needed: It's an instructional video from the MPAA showing how to record a TV screen for classroom clips, instead of ripping a DVD. I think they really mean it, too. =( [BoingBoing]


OK, folks, here is what is at stake and here is why the MPAA put this (ridiculous) video together (emphasis added):

At the DMCA 1201 hearings at the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress, representatives from the MPAA showed a video demonstrating how users can videorecord a TV set. They argue this is an acceptable analog alternative to breaking copy protection on a DVD.

The hearings occur every three years to determine whether the Librarian at the Library of Congress (through direction of the Copyright Office) should create exemptions to the anti-circumvention provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

In 2006, film and media professors were granted an exemption in order to break copy protection on DVDs so that they could utilize high quality video clips in classroom teaching. Up for consideration during the 2009 exemption hearings is whether this exemption should be extended to apply to faculty teaching in all disciplines, and whether the exemption should apply to students.

So, apparently, the MPAA is fighting the extension and/or expansion of the exemption, saying that this idiotic technique is suitable for classroom purposes. I don't know about most teachers, but I sure don't have time to set up a camcorder to capture a TV screen and get substandard quality.