This Is the Best Electric Bicycle (In Oregon)

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I was about to call this Ideo electric commuter bike the best, well, something, but that's just not the case. It won an important competition in Oregon, the Manifest bike building competition, and that's where the accolades stop.


That's not necessarily a bad thing, however. The bike is a simple yet sharp take on the commuter bike, and was cozy with the competition's stated goal of getting more people on bikes (the motor helps the not-so-willing get up a hill, for example).

The bike, a prototype called Faraday, cost about $5,000 to create, which includes a 24-volt 250-watt motor that kicks in with the flick of a thumb-controlled switch on the left handlebar. The lithium-ion batteries are stored in the peculiar top tubes—this is done on purpose so that the bike keeps its bike aesthetics and doesn't venture into moped territory. [CNET]

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Awful design.

-The wide carrier rack up front means it won't fit in bike racks.

-The pedals cut into your shoes

-The standard is unstable and uncompatible with the majority of bikes leaning towards the left when parked.

-The chain is unnecessarily exposed.

-The seat is way too high.

It may look nice, but this won't get any normal person on a bike.

If you want normal people to buy a bike, buy a bike that's been refined over decades for everyday use. A Dutch bike. With flat, plastic pedals fit for all shoes, a carrier rack at the back, a covered chain that lasts for decades, upright riding position etc. etc.

Sadly, even dutch mfg's can't improve the standard dutch bike anymore, so they're adding unnecessary frivolities to it and call it improvements. Stupid nonsense like aluminium carrier racks that break when you sit on it.