This Is the Best Toilet to Ever Play Goalie

Although it's probably completely against Fifa regulations, Japanese luxury toilet maker Toto has turned one of its commodes into what has to be the greatest soccer goalie ever. It's a step-up from the company's Poop-Powered Toiletcycle. But as impressive as it is, it's still pretty useless as far as toilet innovation goes.


The toilet itself stays locked in the middle of the net, but deflects shots using a spring-loaded cannon inside that fires a soccer ball of its own. A pair of high speed cameras mounted to each goal post take care of tracking and targeting, and the system can calculate the trajectory and final position of a ball in just 0.1 seconds. It's even capable of deflecting shots coming in at speeds of almost 100 mph, which is remarkably impressive given it was originally designed to just dispose of human waste.

[TOTOxtoto via Spoon & Tamago via The Verge]

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