This is the First HDR Video Shot From a RED Epic Camera

It's not pretty like this post-production HDR video from last week, but isn't it exciting to see what RED's Epic is capable of when trained at an average Las Vegas nightlife scene?


It's the first footage shot using the HDRx Mode, processed with Magic Motion, that RED's ever made public. While RED admits that it's "VERY EARLY in development," at least they're proud of their work, saying "we like it."

While RED is still being a little cagey about their methods, merely saying that all shall be explained further down the line, they did confirm that the footage was shot using ISO 800 with a 17-50 RED RPZ at T2.8. Shutter speed was 1/48th, and compression was a little over 5:1. More details on the shooting conditions can be read on the RedUser boards.


Owners of the Scarlet model might not see the same HDR feature added, however, with RED commenting that the "jury is still out on Scarlet and HDR but it just does not have the processing power of an EPIC."

What do you think of RED's upcoming HDRx Mode? A far cry from the iPhone 4's HDR photography, right? [RedUser Boards]

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That's so strange. It looks almost like a video game. Also, i don't think this HDR mode is as drastic as some of the others I have seen.

In some photos there is light bloom everywhere. This should be almost sparkling (or maybe I am just not used to good HDR video).