This Is the First Mouse I Have Craved In Decades

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The last mouse I loved was the Apple Pro Mouse that I got at Steve Jobs' MacWorld NYC 2000 keynote. Black, encased in clear plastic, it glowed like the Terminator. The new Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse is the Terminator.


It's the antithesis of Apple's design, and it works. I want this thing now.

Heck, I want this mouse and I don't even like mice anymore (I use trackpads or Wacom tablets). That's how bad I want it. I blame BMW Designworks USA. Its industrial designers and engineers did an awesomely wacky job. It looks weird and wonderful enough to awake my dormant nerdstincts.

The new mouse is not particularly beautiful, in the classic sense. It's not simple and zen and understated like Jon Ive's nimble metal and glass shards. The Apple Pro Mouse was the ultimate simple mouse, the epitome of simple, honest design. No buttons whatsoever, no nipples, nothing. It was just a slab of clear glass that, combined with the dark inner case, looked like solid mercury. When you turned it on, it was truly beautiful. And it did its job perfectly.

The Thermaltake Level 10 mouse is its polar opposite. It's a metal beast. It's complicated. It almost seems arbitrary and chaotic. There are surfaces taken away. There are holes—made to alleviate the sweat problems of heavy gamers—that make it look like a lethal weapon, a scientific device from the year 2200, a metal egg about to hatch into a monster robot.

Illustration for article titled This Is the First Mouse I Have Craved In Decades

Or as Dieter Rams would not say: it's fucking cool. And, on its own way, it's honest too. So barebones and pukka.

So yes. I don't use mice anymore, but I crave this one. I just want to have it on my desk and I want to take it to bed and I want to play with it as if it were a Negative Zone spaceship model made by Reed Richards. And I will be able to do just that when it comes out this spring. [BMW Designworks USA via Tom's Hardware]



Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

It's one thing to make it look 'cool' and focus on design, but for a mouse, I could care less about design and more about functionality. Sometimes simple mice work best especially considering these over-designed models always come with an exorbitant price tag.