This Is The Grumpiest Batman Figure Ever Made

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I mean, grumpiness is part and parcel of being the Batman. Darkness. No parents. Being called “The Dark Knight” means grumpiness is part of the job. But my god, the look on this figure’s face is so comically brooding that it looks like Batman’s just having the biggest sulk of his life.

The figure—dubbed “Survival Batman”, and based on Batman’s appearance in Batman: Zero Year—was revealed today by DC Collectibles, as part of a new range of the excellent “Designer Series”, which translate’s specific artists’ artwork into articulated figures. In this case, it’s another wave based on the excellent work of Greg Capullo.


The figure itself is pretty neat, and it’s rare to see Batman like this. But oh my god, the sad face. He’s literally a sad emoji. That’s not grit. That’s not determination. That’s a 3 year old about to have a strop. It’s so outlandishly funny, I hope the actual figure makes it out like that. The world needs a hilariously stroppy Bats.

[Via DC Collectibles]

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