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If you're considering buying a new iPhone 5, you have three important decisions to make—carrier, capacity, and color. To help you in your quest, we've determined exactly which iPhone will serve your needs best.


For almost everybody:

It's the 32 GB Verizon iPhone 5, in black.

  • Why 32 gigs? We don't need as much space as before, since we can hoard everything in the cloud and call on it at will. 64 gigs is borderline overkill. But you need more than 16 GB. You'll want to keep photos and videos on the device (8 megapixel files are BIG), play games, and store some music and movies for those times with no connection.
  • Why Verizon? Verizon's LTE network is the most mature and built-out of them all. And though we have yet to see how any network will handle the iPhone 5 onslaught, our gut tells us Verizon's is best suited to manage the load (for the time being). Plus, if you travel abroad for whatever reason, the CDMA version supports the majority of Asian and European LTE bands.
  • And why black? Have you seen the thing? It looks like a damn B2 Stealth Bomber. And black never goes out of style. Ever. Not even after Labor Day.

But there are exceptions.

Some of you won't blend into the homogenous horde. So there might be a few good reasons why you'd want a different iPhone 5:

  • Why a 16 GB iPhone? You want to save money.
  • Why a 64 GB iPhone? You're an anti-cloud, anti-streaming curmudgeon who insists on keeping your FLAC audio rips and 720p video files stashed away locally.
  • Why an AT&T iPhone? You have an unlimited plan from your iPhone 4 days, and want to use more than 5 gigs of data (though it might be throttled).
  • Why a Sprint iPhone? You don't have a grandfathered unlimited plan and you really want the spoils of unlimited data. Alternatively, you want the cheapest iPhone plan available.
  • Why a white iPhone? You're nostalgic for the golden era of the iPod.

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