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This is the most beautiful post-apocalyptic vision of Earth ever

Post-apocalyptic and beautiful are words that I’ve never put in a sentence together until I saw this short film. It takes the exuberant beauty of the ancient temples of Myanmar and incorporates stunning futuristic spaceships to them. That combination creates such gorgeous landscapes that I wish they existed for real.

Strange Alloy is a wonderfully crafted animation short by Loïc Bramoullé. The film follows an alien tourist on his visit to the remains of an extinct civilization. Ours.


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It is beautiful, doesn’t really say anything. What I don’t like about this movie is all the stuff that is missing. Why did the human race die out? How did they learn so much about us? What led them to their conclusions about us?

I could write a very similar movie, about a modern tourist visiting ancient Greek or Egyptian ruins, and put very naive and incomplete statements and conclusions about them into the mouth of my tourist. I’d probably have to leave out the last line though.

I would fine that the intellectual content much closer to the beauty of the animation, if it attempt to answer the question, what is the legacy of mankind? Then again, maybe that is what the author is trying to do, but his answer is...not much.

As I said, it is beautiful, but I find it a little disappointing. It does not really seem like the author has anything to say.